Andy Fite: Jazz Comic Philosopher

Songs about you, probably.


Andy Fite is a unique performer who combines an original and engaging improvising style on guitar and voice with an approach to the art of songwriting that is both serious and seriously funny.

He draws his inspiration from many sources: his long life as a jazz musician, his love of the Great American Songbook, his study of politics and sexuality, his work as a therapist (and patient!) over many years, his love for people, and his love of the craft of songwriting.

A songwriter’s task, he thinks, is not to tell his own story, but to express the life of feeling that all people share. The sad songs may be funny, the happy ones serious. The voice and the guitar interact with startling independence. And we feel, a little more deeply, what it means to be alive. It’s fun.

Andy Fite, Jazz Comic Philosopher, is the name of his solo show. The tone is conversational. The mood is friendly. The music, and the poetry, are full of surprises. 


Andy has written over 600 songs and has, at present, 39 albums available at iTunes (you can also stream most of them for free at Spotify and elsewhere), representing several varied aspects of his work. More are always coming.

Here are some samples of Andy doing what he does:  (I Wanna Die)  (Sex with My Ex)  (A Morning Mystery)  (I Don’t Mind About the Blues)  (Jeff Brought Flowers)