Picksburgh! was the name we called our performing combinations till Niklas moved to Copenhagen, where the word seemed a little too suggestive...
So now we are the Fite Brothers. That feels better. We are in reality father and son, but truly the brotherhood between us feels like the deeper reality when it comes to our music.


Niklas Fite & Andy Fite, duo or quartet.

Here is a trip to jazz guitar heaven with a father & son team built around improvisation, melodic invention, interplay and pure fun. 

Andy Fite is a veteran of many years in New York City, having recorded with such giants as Kazzrie Jaxen (formerly Liz Gorrill) , Red Mitchell, Bob Casanova, Richard Tabnik and Roger Mancuso. (See the attached, ”Praise for Andy Fite” for a variety of reactions to his music.)

Niklas Fite is a genuine jazz prodigy, born in 1995 and already as a 14-year old travelling from his home in Stockholm to New York and Berlin to perform with the likes of Connie Crothers, Lorenzo Sanguedolce, and Andreas Schmidt. In Sweden he has already performed with Jan Allan, Elise Einarsdotter and Ulf Johansson-Werre and many others. If you’re looking for proof that jazz has a future, you need look no further than Niklas Fite.

On bass, it’s Mauritz Agnas, another young genius, and on drums one of Sweden’s top guys, the wonderful Sebastian Voegler.

Here's the link to our album:


Here are a couple of live performances with our German rhythm section, Maurice Kühn and Max Jentzen:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0dNAH7JIbM  (Happy Baby)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGVSemEecq0  (Dances with Bears)