Andy Fite workshops


Andy is a guy who has put a lot of thought into the process of developing oneself as a creative artist. In these lectures he will share some of his ideas aimed at helping you develop a deeper mastery of the basic materials of your own musical art. The first three subjects overlap, and need not be taken separately, but they could be. The lectures are improvised, but will include some of the following:


The joy of playing a single note that you really feel connected to
Learning to see the instrument more clearly
Learning to play what you hear
A method for finding new chords
Some thoughts toward developing better voice-leading, and counterpoint

Experiencing your body as an instrument
Physical pleasure as the source of your best singing
Finding your own personal sound
Expressing yourself directly and naturally

Thoughts on the nature of spontaneity, and of feeling
Landing in yourself and in the moment
Learning to think less and trust your intuition more
Relaxation and breathing
Working from the melody
Singing with records by great improvisers, and who some of them are
An approach toward mastering your instrument and your material so thoroughly that thinking becomes unnecessary!

Matching text to melody
Rhyme as a source of inspiration
Improvisation as a way of shaking loose from writer’s block
Overcoming the Critic in your head
Telling a story that is universal and also personal

Andy will talk, sing, play, and definitely take questions you may have.

For more details on any of these, click here:

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