Helin-Mari Arder & Andy Fite

Jazz Comic Philosopher Andy Fite teams up with Helin-Mari Arder, the great Estonian jazz singer, for a series of duets for a boy and a girl, combining humor, sadness, sweetness, virtuosity and maybe just a little more truth than you can really cope with.

They have three CDs together, "I'm Starting to Like You" (2007), "Really Just Friends" (2017), and "Glad You Caught My Eye" (2019), with a fourth (working title "You Blew It") nearly ready as of March 2020.







Critics have called Helin-Mari Arder the sunshine of the Estonian jazz scene, charming listeners with her musical sincerity and immediate interaction with audiences. She’s made 13 CDs under her own name, including the two with Andy Fite, and featured on several others.



A couple of videos:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRwKOLBYQP8 (Come and Get Me)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-8Go4vA2SU (You're Pretty)


From the review of a 2017 concert in Tallinn:

"Beautiful duo....  a magical interaction that is solid as a rock, but yet so warm and beautiful.... The emotionally varied colors of the songs, with love as leitmotif, and the vitality and humanity they expressed, created a dynamic that somehow bound up the whole concert as if it was one story. The encore songs also carried the same energy. 

 As I was walking home after the concert and thinking about it, I realized I was smiling, and for good reason. Helin-Mari Arder and Andy Fite gave so much of  themselves, and I believe that both younger and older listeners were very positively charged by this concert. To conclude my impressions of this sincere, beautiful and utterly professional concert I can say just one thing: amazing!"

 Triin Kala 

Tallinn, February 21st, 2017